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List of Some of My Symptoms That I've Had or Have Now

-Abnormal sweating anywhere on the body.

-Extreme Night Sweats.

-Sense of Urgency with bowel and bladder function.

-Low grade Fever when I sleep.

-Cystic Acne behind the ears.

-Feels like a monster is living inside my body, taking control of every normal body function there is and messing with it or completely taking it away at any given moment.

-Inability to maintain proper posture no matter how hard I try.

-Debilitating, cement filled joints.

-Bad to no balance.

-Inability to Walk.

-Depressed, Tired, Blah...

-Body gets so fatigued to the point of paralysis.

-Hearing Loss.

-Loss of Eyesight.

-Numbness and Tingling in all areas of  my body.

-Structural and Postural Damage.

-Cough when I clean my right ear.

-Little finger runs sweat, for hours straight even.

-Migraine Headaches.

-Highly Sensitive to Everything. Stress is Very Damaging.

*A list of some symptoms to help give you a better idea of what maybe you yourself have or had, and also to reiterate the importance of every weird little thing applies :)

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