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Patricia Noel Drain, Founder of  the International Business Owners

I haven't been able to lose weight in 20 years and I have now lost 8 1/2 lbs since meeting Jelaine.  What I really loved is that she gave me permission to eat and drink the things that I love.  Jelaine's gentle and caring personality gave me the  support that I needed.

Carrie K.

With Jelaine's Encouragement and support, I have now lost 15 lbs.  She has a very gentle approach that has helped me to make lasting changes in my life.  Jelaine provides information without judgement and her whole health approach is life changing and very different!!

Mary M.

When I met Jelaine I had pretty much given up.  I had worked out endless hours every day, ate in a way that was so limiting to me and my life and I just never felt that I was getting anywhere.  And then she came into my life and gave me all of this incredible knowledge and experience that changed my life forever!!  Jelaine is truly a gift from God!!  I have now lost 40lbs and look and feel like I have always dreamed of!!

Darren T.

I have lost almost 30 lbs since getting the help from Jelaine that I had been desperately searching for.  I feel absolutely amazing and I am so happy with my new found self. My confidence has improved, my aches and pains feel better, and I have way more energy to enjoy my improved quality of life!!

Jessica L.​

I have always been thin my whole life but I really wanted

to be stronger and get toned up.  I wanted to look better.  With Jelaine's help and her incredible Perfect Body Workout I not only look better, but I look stunning!!  The tone of my muscles and the definition are like nothing I've ever experienced before.  Jelaine has so much information and so many lifestyle secrets to share.  I enjoyed everything so much that I actually wish that the program was longer!

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